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Seed Paper Invitation Kit - Extras
Cut seed paper invitation panels
4.5 x 6 Paper Style:
$0.40 each
Seed paper invitation kits
Cut seed paper invitation panels
5x7 Paper Style:
$0.70 each
Cut seed paper invitation panels
6x9 Paper Style:
$0.70 each
Cut seed paper invitation overlay
Choose Size:
$0.23 each
At Of The Earth we believe that change happens through action and commitment to a cause. Since 1995 we have been committed to doing our part in leaving little trace of our passage; leading our customers into the most eco-friendly choices for their events, guiding our business partners to recycle more and waste less. This commitment is for every reasonable and practical measure we can infuse into the entire production and consumption chain that we participate in as producer of consumable paper goods and as a small business trying to keep our office as paper free as possible. We are often told that we should toot our own horn more but we feel that keeping our focus on selling a good product to an educated customer is more important than seeking awards and certifications. We have been in the game too long and feel that the merchandise, not the sales gimmic should sell the product.

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